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perjantai 2. elokuuta 2013

CORVUS STONE - Purple Stone (over 100,000 views for this video!!!)

It's amazing.

Over 100,000 views for CORVUS STONE

The song is from the forthcoming album.
ANDRES GUAZZELLI (special guest vocals)
COLIN TENCH (guitar)
PASI KOIVU (keyboards)
SONIA MOTA (artwork)

Record Label: Melodic Revolution Records


The next CORVUS STONE album - new songs are being written and recorded

I thought to tell some updates! You have not heard new Corvus Stone songs for ages but we have tons of stuff!
We've been writing and recording songs like crazy (especially here in Finland). I, for example, always think my parts have been recorded for the forthcoming album. Then something happens and we have a new song again. 
At the moment we have one song by Colin Tench (guitar) and at least six songs by Petri Lemmy Lindström (bass). I don't even remember how many songs I wrote.
Robert Wolff's drums are just perfect for us! I have Micah's 1971 album and it's awesome (Robert is on drums)!
I'm also really looking for some more fine vocal work by Blake Carpenter! He's a busy musician with many projects. I cannot believe how brilliant he is!
Now we also have a special guest Andres Guazzelli on one song. He's also a brilliant musician. They are all brilliant musicians. Colin, for example, has so many album releases it's impossible to remember all of his projects. 
Petri just signed a deal with Melodic Revolution Records! Congratulations! Progeland is a fantastic band! You'll love the album, Nick!!!!
About music: what kind of music you'll hear on the next Corvus Stone album? There's almost everything. But it'll be an improvement. 
The crazy thing is we have new stuff for almost two new albums!
See you again! Many thanks for your support!
PASI KOIVU (keyboards/Corvus Stone)
P.S. I'm sure we've recorded a cover version of Murky Red song (with Stef Flaming helping). Is it still a secret?