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Guest stars on Corvus Stone albums I & II

CORVUS STONE love to work with many different singers and musicians. Why? 

This info originally appeared on a new Corvus Stone website - please check it out!
Because the unique input from everyone involved on a song or piece of music, means that we never repeat ourselves. We never fill gaps with ill thought out sections or lead breaks etc . Anyone who knows us, can tell you that our albums are long and dip into as many genres as songs on the album. Five years from now we will NOT say that we are   unhappy with anything we ever released.
Here is a list of everyone who has or will appear on albums I & II
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Corvus Stone II, Vic Tassone, Unified Past
VICTOR TASSONE - Unified Past, Oceans 5, CTP , plays percussion on Corvus Stone II and drums on the Black Widow song on our first album. Vic Porcnob is his stage name with Colin Tench project
Phil Naro, Corvus Stone II, CTP, Billy Sheehan, Ddrive
PHIL NARO - Emmy award winning composer and singer with DDrive, Talas, Druckfarben . He is a classic and progressive rocker of the highest calibre. He sings on Corvus Stone II
Corvus Stone II, German Vergara, Aisles, Colin Tench
GERMAN VERGARA - Founder of Aisles, the incredible Chillean prog band, brings the Spanish magic to Moaning Lisa with Corvus Stone
Sean Filkins, Corvus Stone II, Big Big Train, Colin Tench
SEAN FILKINS - (Ex) Big Big Train, is The English eccentric! Sean is a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and of course vocalist and appears on 3 tracks on Corvus Stone 2. Yes.. on marraccas but he does sing rather a lot too.
Black Widow, John Culley, Corvus Stone
JOHN CULLEY - Black Widow, Odin of London, Cressida plays guitar on "You're so wrong" , a classic Black widow song that he also played on!
Blake Carpenter, Corvus Stone, Colin Tench
BLAKE CARPENTER - Founder, Producer & multi-instrumentalist of The minstrel's Ghost & Voice of the Enslaved, has been crucial to Corvus Stone, as a lyricist and singer on both albums, also a technical whizz!
Corvus Stone
STEF FLAMING - The founder of Murky Red & Transmission rails & Bass player in Oceans 5, wrote, sings and plays on Boots for Hire and Jussi Pussi in Corvus Stone
Corvus Stone, Andres Guazzelli, Colin Tench, Oceans 5, Mingulay
ANDRES GUAZZELLI - Oceans 5 & Classical rock maestro (Wish you could hear), sings on Purple Stone on Corvus Stone II

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Music news: Emmy Award winning Phil Naro on the new Corvus Stone album

Music news: Emmy Award winning Phil Naro on the new Corvus Stone album

Emmy Award winning vocalist and MRR (Melodic Revolution Records) recording artist Phil Naro of Backhand, DDrive, CTP, & Druckfarben has just been confirmed as a guest musician on the upcoming Corvus Stone II album, other guests include:
Sean Filkins: Solo artist and formerly of Big Big Train,
Victor Tassone: Unified Past & Andy John Bradford's Oceans5,
Stef Flaming: Murky Red, Transmission Rails & Andy John Bradford's Oceans5.

Corvus Stone is:
Pasi Koivu - Keyboards,
Colin Tench - Guitar,
Petri Lemmy Lindström - Bass,
Robert Wolff - Drums,
Blake Carpenter: Vocals.
This information was put together by Raven Pihonak of Silver Raven Promotions. Thank you very much, Raven! 
Of those Corvus Stone members we can also mention Petri Lemmy Lindström's band PROGELAND is soon releasing its debut full-length CD (also on Melodic Revolution Records)! Progeland is highly recommended to those who enjoy bands like King Crimson, Opeth or Uriah Heep (to name a few).